Off shoring, Outsourcing, internationalization, let’s go now

Offshore & outsourcing represent business opportunities for the European IT industry. The McKinsey report “the outsourcing of services, an opportunity for France” written in 2005 showed that the USA would make about 10 cents / dollar invested offshore. Can continental Europe get the same results?

The IT industry in Continental Europe one of the most important worldwide, whereas, the offshore IT was still below 5 % overall, which is weak if we consider the 15% figure in The USA and in the UK. We can do better.

Offshore favors the globalization of IT services and the development of new markets. Both rich European countries and offshore destinations can benefit from it.

- For Europe: more specialization, more budget for innovation, the creation of new activities, opportunities for It specialists, savings now available for complex and strategic projects

- For offshore destinations: direct investment, transfers of technology and knowhow, more jobs, better governance

- Let's take this opportunity offered by emerging economies to develop our own competitiveness