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« The prices, rates and salaries of IT Developers, experts, project managers Europe , Nearshore, Offshore destinations » March 2013
Authors: Richard PEYNOT & Jean-Pierre MARIACCIA

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Price (printed version): 399,00 euros ex VAT ie 478,80 euros including VAT + 40 Euros Mail (Europe & North Africa)

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Off shoring, Outsourcing, internationalization, let’s go now

Offshore & outsourcing represent business opportunities for the European IT industry. The McKinsey report “the outsourcing of services, an opportunity for France” written in 2005 showed that the USA would make about 10 cents / dollar invested offshore. Can continental Europe get the same results?

The IT industry in Continental Europe one of the most important worldwide, whereas, the offshore IT was still below 5 % overall, which is weak if we consider the 15% figure in The USA and in the UK. We can do better.

Offshore favors the globalization of IT services and the development of new markets

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« Which remunerations to attract sales professionals in North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia)? » March 2013
Author : Jean-Pierre MARIACCIA
Price electronic version : 390,00 euros ex VAT ie 462,54 euros including VAT
Price printed version : 390,00 euros ex VAT ie 462,54 euros including VAT + 40 Euros Mail (Europe & North Africa).

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Read a sample of the study: «The impact of Offshore on the IT Services Market»

The use of offshore for IT developments and operations is an approach which, after having firmly developed in the United Kingdom, spread to continental Europe. It represents a certain market share today and shows a strong growth.

Figures on offshore are very difficult to obtain, and today no research firm and no organization can deliver absolutely precise indicators..

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