Read a sample of the study: «The impact of Offshore on the IT Services Market»

The use of offshore for IT developments and operations is an approach which, after having firmly developed in the United Kingdom, spread to continental Europe. It represents a certain market share today and shows a strong growth.

Figures on offshore are very difficult to obtain, and today no research firm and no organization can deliver absolutely precise indicators. Some software vendors have been using offshore suppliers for a long time without revealing the volumes or even the destinations, and most end-user companies do not want to reveal the size of their offshore contracts. Elsewhere we know little on the real revenues of the offshore players in France. Consequently is difficult to be strictly accurate with the offshore ratio in IT services. The chart below gives an idea of the disparity of the data available:


For example, in France, analysts and IT professional organisations (mainly Syntec Informatique) confront their data to reach some sort of consensus – established at about € 400 M or 2% of IT services in 2005. From this date we project a 30% to 40% yearly growth of offshore, which would lead to the following scenario:

The graphic above is based on the assumption of a 6% yearly growth of IT services in France until 2008, a fall of 1 % in 2009 then a growth limited to 1 % in 2010.